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Popular Solid Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves

Below are some of the most popular stoves available at present.

Aarrow stoves

Aarrow stoves make traditional, cast iron, multi fuel and wood burning stoves.

Of special interest is the Aarrow Stratford range of stoves are serious central heating stoves with backboilers. These are stoves for people that need a high output backboiler, the highest being the Stratford TF90B stove that comes with a 82,000 BTU backboiler.

Behind Aarrow's distinctive good looks is an enviable reputation for technical innovation and manufacturing. Pioneering features such as the Aarow multifuel grate system mean that not only are our stoves beautiful to look at, they are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

AustroFlamm Stoves

AustroFlamm make a wide range of contemporary stoves with a distinctive and generally minimalist design.

All these AustroFlamm stoves are wood burning, are cleanburning, and have airwash to keep the large ceramic glass windows clear.

Many AustroFlamm stoves are round in shape, breaking away from the traditional box shaped steel stoves. Most of these stoves can come in a wide range of finishes or with coloured ceramic tiles.

Esse ironheart range cooker stove

The Esse ironheart is a distictive range cooker stove which successfully merges the old style heavy cast iron range cooker stove with the modern range cooker designed to burn wood efficiently and with a glass window to the firebox.

The Ironheart can come with a backboiler to provide hot water and central heating.

Firefox stoves

Firefox stoves are a range of affordable cast iron multifuel stoves.

A woodburning kit is also available to turn any Firefox stove into a woodburning stove.

Franco Belge

Franco Belge produce a range of high quality cast iron wood burning and multi fuel stoves. Airwash to keep the stove window clear comes as standard. Franco Belge stoves have an elegant design which makes for classic, yet not minimalist stoves.

La Nordica Stoves

La Nordica are a renowned Italian stove manufacturer that make a wide range of stoves and insert stoves. The La Nordica products are designed to burn wood efficiently and there are boiler models avaialble too.

Morso stoves

Morso stove have been making stoves for many many years now and are perhaps the king of stoves. All Morso stoves are top of the range and most are made of cast iron.

Cast iron will tend to hold heat for longer than steel and should also be more durable.

With a wide choice from the more traditional Morso Squirrel, to the more modern lines of the Morso Panther, through to the ultra simplistic Morso Badger and Owl there is something for everyone.

Tiger stoves

Tiger stoves come in 2 sizes the Tiger Plus and the Tiger. Both are affordable cast iron, multifuel stoves.


Westfire are a Danish company that make unique contemporary stoves. They use the latest technology to make cleanburning stoves that have very low emissions and high efficiencies.

Some Westfire stoves are over 80% efficient which is amazing.

Very popular stoves are the Westfire 15, Westfire 16, Westfire 20 and Westfire 21 - all these stoves are fairly tall and rounded with big curved windows.

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