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Gallery - Specialised stove installations

Here is a selection of completed work from Ansell Chimneys.



Wood burning stove
Wood burning stove
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Multi fuel stove
Multi fuel stove
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Specialised stove installations

When we think about a multi or wood burning stove we normally think of a fireplace with either a free standing or enclosed or inset stove. However at Ansell Chimneys we like to consider the almost endless possibilities when it comes to stove installation.

Many hom owners are asking for something a little out of the ordinary when it comes to an open fire or wood burning stove.

Quite a few properties we have visited have a chimney breast situated in the middle of a room, often as a divider between a living and dining area. This scenario lends itself perfectly to the beautiful open fires that were all the rage in the more expensive properties in the 1960's. Even a wood burning stove will look amazing as a stand alone feature in these type of properties. They radiate the heat from all sides, maximising the warmth for you to enjoy wherever you are in that space.

Specialised stove installations for that architectural WOW factor!

Whether in the middle of a room or set in a more traditional fireplace, a specialised stove installation will set your property apart from the rest. The wealth of different building materials that can be used is quite extensive, but whatever you choose, you can be sure you will end up with a stove or open fire with a genuine WOW factor.

Bricks for Specialised stove installations

You are not restricted to just the traditional red bricks, giving you that rustic country cottage feel. There are modern bricks of many different colours and textures that can be used to great effect. Different pigments can also be added to the mortar to really make those bricks pop!

Soft, sandy textured traditional bricks or the sharp, clean and modern bricks for a more contemporary look will leave you delighted with your new heating feature. Whether straight courses or round constructions, bricks are a great building medium for fire and stove surrounds.

Tiles for Specialised stove installations

There are so many tiles available to decorate stove and fire surrounds. Traditional, marble, terracotta, you name it!

With tiles you can really personalise the look of your fire or stove area. Again, even the grout can be coloured to make an individual statement.

Rendering for Specialised stove installations

Think about those beautiful fire places you have seen in homes in places like new mexico. They are traditional and quite stunning. They often incorporate shelving, alcoves and will also heat more than just the area they are built in. These are very imaginative designs and can be built in so many different ways. A truly unique desin for your property.

So why not think outside the box and talk to us at Ansell Chimneys about a specialised stove installation, stand out from the crowd while staying warm and saving money on your heating bills, what could possibly be better?

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