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Gallery - Enclosed stove installations

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Enclosed stoves
Enclosed stoves
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Enclosed stove installations

As you will already be aware, you can choose between multi fuel stoves and just wood burning stoves, but you may also choose between enclosed or inset and free standing stoves. It really is down to your choice or you may be restricted by space where a free standing stove is just too big for the opening available.

The more conventional free standing wood burning stoves do need quite a bit of space around them. The minimum is six inches around the sides, and a minimum of twelve inches along the top of the stove, so that they function properly and generate a maximum amount of heat. If you have a larger area with a generously sized fireplace, this is not a problem. Should you be restricted with space or don't have a fireplace of sufficient size, then an enclosed wood burning stove would be a better choice for you.

Suitable for the smallest of rooms

An enclosed stove is actually built into a wall and because of this, it can be used even in the smallest of rooms. Both enclosed and free standing stoves can be placed pretty much anywhere, just as long as there is proper outside ventilation. They can not only just heat your home but, both can be used to heat water, and supply a central heating system. Both enclosed and free standing stoves are available in multi fuel options too.

There is a myth that enclosed stoves generate less heat, and that they are not as efficient as conventional free standing stoves. However, you can find enclosed wood burners with heating efficiency of over 80%, the output will depend on the size though. By choosing an enclosed stove, you do not have to sacrifice efficiency or output of the stove.

If an enclosed stove is putting the majority of heat into the chimney breast then it has been badly installed. An enclosed stove has two skins between which cold air is sucked up and convected back into the room as hot air. Insulation should be put all around the outside of the outer skin. This will then allow the majority of the heat to be convected into the room.

Enclosed or free standing

Both enclosed and free standing wood burning stoves are available in many different styles and designs, this allows them to compliment any style of home. Both can look great in the more traditional or even contemporary homes, but more importantly, both create a wonderful relaxing and warming atmosphere.

Both enclosed and free standing heating appliances can be DEFRA approved if you live in a smoke control area as long as they are not on the list of exempted appliances. You must only burn approved fuel and if you produce too much smoke, you can be fined even if you are using a DEFRA approved enclosed or free standing wood burner.

The cost will depend on the size and brand you choose but, in comparison to the conventional free standing stoves, the inset versions do tend to be a little more expensive. However, sometimes the insets are easier to install, this can even out the cost overall.

Whether you decide on a enclosed or a free standing wood burning stove, you can be assured of having an appliance that not only heats your home and saves you money on fuel bills, but they will look great too.