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Whether you have an open fire or a solid fuel stove in your Rickmansworth property, there is one thing that you won't want to put off for too long and that is a chimney sweep.

Chimney sweeps can literally be the difference between life and death, as failure to keep your chimney clean is potentially lethal.

The creosote that builds up over time will not only be carcinogenic, but it will be extremely flammable too. A chimney fire is no joke and has the potential to destroy your entire property, so keeping that chimney in tip top condition is a priority for the responsible homeowner.

Our chimney sweeps who work in and around the Rickmansworth area are prompt, clean, thorough and professional. They will ensure that your chimney is left free of any creosote fouling and your room will be left spotless too.

A clean chimney, a clean bill of health

Having a solid fuel stove is considered to be a lot healthier heating source compared to other sources. The solid fuel stove can significantly reduce the amount of condensation so therefore decreases the amount of damp in your house. The chimney can also bring fresh air into the house, whilst removing the contaminated air out of the house.

Clearly, decreasing the amount of damp and mould is bound to improve a person's health as they will be living in better conditions and will be able to breathe fresh air rather than stagnant, polluted air.

Of course, having a solid fuel stove means that you will require a method of removing smoke and other emissions from it and an effective, clean and working chimney is a vital bed fellow of the open fire or solid fuel stove.

The benefits of a clean chimney

A clean chimney in your Rickmansworth property offers many benefits, including increased heating efficiency as well as preventing the chances of experiencing a chimney fire, corrosion in the chimney, and excessive, choking smoke to infuriate you and your neighbours.

Safety first in Rickmansworth

Preventing a chimney fire is a must, as the damage that can result could potentially destroy your entire property, or worse. A chimney fire is essentially a fire within the chimney that can reach a temperature of over 2,000 degrees. It often starts owing to a serious build-up of creosote within the flue of the chimney. Any such fire can damage the chimney and start a house fire. So a regular chimney sweeping regime is a must.

Ensure longevity of your chimney structure with a regular sweep

Soot and creosote are very acidic substances and will eat away at metal and mortar alike, causing the fabric of your chimney to deteriorate. Many years ago, fireplace ashes were a known caustic substance and lye was made by dripping water through ash. Lye is a metal hydroxide traditionally obtained by leaching wood ashes, or a strong alkali which is highly soluble in water producing caustic basic solutions. Lye most commonly refers to sodium hydroxide, but historically has been used for potassium hydroxide. Therefore, you should prevent corrosion of the chimney system by engaging the services of a chimney sweep on a regular basis.

Smoke is a real problem

Prevent smoke problems. The build-up of soot and creosote in a chimney reduces its diameter and restricts its flow capacity. The last thing you want is for smoke to be forced back into your living space as well as causing an environmental issue should thick smoke rise from the chimney due to creosote and soot fouling.

A clean chimney is an efficient chimney

The unwanted build-up of soot and creosote in a chimney can also affect the optimum draft that delivers efficient heating. In solid fuel and wood stoves, soot and creosote can act as an insulator and restrict the full amount of heat produced from entering the room. Having a chimney sweep out regularly to your Rickmansworth home will ensure this never becomes an issue.

Soot and creosote can smell pretty horrible too, particularly when the rains make everything wet. The smell can become rather invasive in the home, so a good clean is vital.

Birds in the chimney

Sometimes birds can become stuck, or simply die in the chimney they have chosen to nest in. Now firstly, a nest or nesting materials that have been deposited in a chimney can be a hazard in themselves, blocking the flue and restricting the escape of dangerous emissions from the fire.

An animal that expires in a chimney will soon begin to decompose and the stench can be quite overpowering. The dreadful odour may even last for several weeks, until the entire creature has decomposed fully.

We can clear any such blockage quickly, but we also fit bird cowls that will stop birds or squirrels from gaining access in the first place. The cowls will also prevent leaf litter and other debris from entering the chimney, so they are a good all round defence against any form of blockage caused by foreign matter entering the chimney.

Keep ahead of any damage

Soot and creosote can cover up cracks and other damage in a chimney, so it is recommended that a chimney be cleaned in order to carry out a proper inspection. A qualified chimney sweep will be able to detect any deterioration within the chimney once the soot and creosote has been effectively removed.

Last but not least, chimney sweeps are meant to be bringers of good luck, which is why many used to hire one to attend their wedding many years ago. At Ansell Chimneys we tend not to rely on luck, but a solid foundation of professional working practices to ensure that you, your family and your home remain safe.

So if you live in the Rickmansworth are of Hertfordshire, why not drop us a line and arrange a sweeps visit. We can schedule a regular visit, so you are never left in a position of being without heating due to a dirty chimney ever again.

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