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Chimney cowls and bird guards in Radlett, Hertfordshire

A little about Radlett in Hertfordshire

There has been a settlement known as Radlett since at least 1453. However, the Radlett of today has been created almost entirely since the end of the 19th century, for despite its position on Watling Street it seems to have been ignored as a place for a substantial settlement. During the 19th century Radlett was a rural community dominated by the estates of Kendals, which owned most of the land to the west of Watling Street, and Newberries and Aldenham Lodge which owned the land to the east. The only buildings then were a pub and a few buildings at the crossroads at the bottom of Shenley Hill.

In 1823 Radlett was the site of an infamous murder. The Radlett murder, was also known as the Elstree murder and the victim, William Weare, was killed and the body disposed of in a pond in Elstree. It gained a great deal of attention and was the subject of numerous books and stage plays. It is commemorated by the rhyme:

They cut his throat from ear to ear,
His head they battered in.
His name was Mr William Weare,
He lived in Lyons Inn.

The modern ticket office at Radlett station, dating from the 1970s, contrasts with the ornate shelter above the cycle storage area.

In around 1860 the Midland Railway was extended from Bedford into London and a station was built at Radlett connecting it with London. On 8 December 1865 the Ecclesiastical Parish of Radlett was created out of the eastern part of Aldenham and this marks the start of the modern history of the village. Development could only start when the landowners sold off their land for this purpose and this started in the final decade of the 19th century when land to the west of Watling Street was sold off. In 1910 the estate of Aldenham Lodge to the north of Shenley Hill was released for development and in 1935 the Newberries estate. Newberries mansion was demolished in the 1950s and Aldenham Lodge in 1964.

Handley Page Ltd opened a grass airfield just north of the town in 1929 for the production of aircraft. Radlett Aerodrome was upgraded by 1939 to have three hard runways for use in the production of Handley Page Hampden and Handley Page Halifax bombers during the Second World War. Post war the airfield was used for production of Handley Page Hastings transport aircraft and Handley Page Hermes airliners. The Society of British Aircraft Constructors held air shows here in 1946 and 1947 which subsequently moved to Farnborough. The Handley Page Victor bomber prototype was built there with the main runway being extended in 1952 to allow flight testing. Handley Page went bankrupt in 1969 and the airfield closed in 1970.

The 1948 Olympic Marathon went through Radlett. It was an out and back course from the Empire Stadium in Wembley london.

In 1977 Eddie Kidd the motorcycle stunt rider jumped over 14 London Double Decker buses at the former Radlett airfield.

Bird cages, caps and cowls fitted in Radlett

Your chimney may require a cap or cowl for protection against the following:

  • To help prevent birds and other animals like squirrels from getting into your chimney and nesting
  • To stop rain from getting into the chimney
  • Helps to prevent down drafts in the chimney
  • If a gas fire is installed they guard against blockages that can cause carbon monoxide emissions from coming back into the room
  • Some older buildings have disused chimneys, but a dead or decaying bird can smell very unpleasant through the vents. To prevent bird, squirrels and rain entry into a disused chimney, why not have a cowl or cap fitted.

Fitting the right kind of bird cage, cowl or cap is vital to avoid problems occurring. With Ansell Chimneys years of experience, we will assess the requirements and recommend the correct type for your particular situation. We will also look at the other houses nearby to make sure we fit one that is in keeping with the Radlett area, after all, you wouldn't want your property to stick out like a sore thumb!

Ansell Chimneys fit several different types of cages, caps and cowls designed to prevent rain, birds, bees and other vermin from getting into the chimney. It is best to let us know what you are trying to achieve and our chimney sweeps can recommend the most suitable option for you.

Ansell Chimneys usually have sample cowls in our vans to make your choice easier. In most cases we will also be able to advise you on the price. We will then arrange to come back to Radlett to install the correct cap or cowl to your chimney.

We tend to fit the caps and cowls to your chimney from a ladder wherever possible. This avoids us having to use scaffolding or other specialised access equipment, as this could increase the cost of our service.

As with chimney sweeping, the price is affected by the property location, the type and number of cowls or cages required, but it will also be affected by any potential access problems, we need to see the chimney location before we can confirm prices to you. Fortunately, Radlett is well within the areas we cover, so this will not push the price up at all.

Bird cages, caps and cowls fitted in Radlett

Should your chimney require a cap or cowl, Ansell Chimneys will have the one to suit your property to protect against the following:

  • Birds or squirrels getting into and possibly nesting in the chimney
  • Our caps and cowls prevent rain from getting into the chimney
  • A good quality cowl or cap stops down drafts
  • To prevent bird and rain entry to a disused chimney, leaving the homeowner with an option to start using a fire in the future without having to clear many years build up of debris.

It is vital to fit the correct type of bird cage, cowl or cap, or problems may occur. With Ansell Chimneys valuable experience, we can identify your particular needs and advise you on the correct type for your situation. We will also look at the other houses nearby to ensure we fit one that is in keeping with the Radlett area.

Ansell Chimneys fit all the major types of cages, caps and cowls, so let us know what you want to keep out of your chimney and we can tell you what would be the best option for you.

Ansell Chimneys have a selection of cowls in our vans to demonstrate what they look like and what they are most effective at keeping out of the chimney. We will then arrange to come back to Radlett to install the correct cap or cowl to your chimney.

Fitting the caps and cowls is a relatively straightforward job and we do everything we can to avoid the need for scaffolding or other specialised access equipment, a ladder will usually be sufficient.

Fortunately, Radlett is well within our 'areas covered' range so this will not push the price up at all for either chimney sweeping or bird caps and cowl fitting.

Birds nests and blockage removal in Radlett

One of the first signs that an animal is making a home, or has previously made one in your chimney is that there will be twigs, leaves or other debris in the fireplace that has fallen from above. The most frequent culprits that like to set up residence in your chimneys tend to be some of the carrion birds, such as crows and magpies and occasionaly squirrels. There are plenty of these creatures around Radlett and as the town expands, their natural habitat is decreased. This simply means they will look for an alternative place to roost or nest, as the number of trees diminishes.

Any obstruction in a chimney can be potentially lethal! It's not just the solid fuel fires that are a problem either, even a gas fire will release carbon monoxide back into the living space if it can't escape safely up the chimney. When it comes to a fire that burns solid fuels, the chimney can become blocked resulting in smoke coming back into the room or a chimney fire could start, causing a huge amount of expensive damage to the rest of your home.

If you think there is a blockage in your chimney, don't wait for something bad to happen, give us a call immediately. We will remove the blockage and in doing so, be in a better position to tell you why it happened in the first place. For example, there may be a loose or dislodged brick or piece of mortar. It may even be a nest from a bird or squirrel and a bird cap or cowl may well be the answer to prevent it happening again in the future.

Because birds eggs and nests are protected by law in England and Wales and that there may be hatched baby birds in a nest, we will not remove nests during the breeding season, which is May & June, this ensures that the young have had a good chance to leave the nest. After all, there are fewer birds around Radlett already because of loss of habitat, light pollution and the increase in the number of cats that are kept as pets. Ansell Chimneys like to ensure that we don't contribute to the decline of our little feathered friends.

Why not ask Ansell Chimneys for advice on sweeping your chimney in Radlett

Ansell Chimneys really are the experts, If you are experiencing a lack of draw on a chimney, or smoke finding its way back into your room, give us a call; we are always very happy to provide advice on what could potentially be a life threatening situation.

Ansell Chimneys advice is free of charge. If you can't use your fire because it's dangerous, you will be missing out on the homely glow a real fire brings during the winter months. So why not give us a call and get that open fire up and running again.

Cost of chimney sweeping services

Our prices are based on the property location and number of chimneys that need sweeping. Please contact us for a no obligation quote. As Radlett is not far from our head office, jobs here will not attract a higher quote.

Smoke tests in Radlett

After Ansell Chimneys have swept your chimney, we carry out a quick, simple but effective test to ensure there is the correct draw and no smoke or other pollutants can flow back into your living space. This is quite simply a match-like device that smokes profusely when burnt and is placed just above the site of the fire. If the smoke is neatly drawn up the chimney, the fire will be safe to use.

So if you live in Radlett and need your chimney swept, why not call or email Ansell Chimneys and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Services provided and areas covered:

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