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Chimney cowls and bird guards in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire

A little about Chipperfield in Hertfordshire

For many hundreds of years, Chipperfield was an outlying settlement of Kings Langley which consisted of only houses. However by the 1830s Chipperfield was large enough to warrant the building of both Anglican and Baptist churches and became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1848.

For a many years the Lords of the Manor were the Blackwell family, of Cross and Blackwell food fame. They were great benefactors to the village. Two of Samuel and Elizabeth Blackwells sons, Charles and William Gordon, were killed during World War One. Samuel and Elizabeth were completely overwhelmed with grief by the loss of their two sons and in memory of them, the family gave the village of Chipperfield the village club, which remained a club until quite recently. The club has now been renamed Blackwells and is is used both as a club and a cafe next to the common. The Blackwells sons were Second Lieutenant Charles Blackwell of the 4th battalion, Royal Fusiliers. He was wounded at the Second Battle of Ypres and died in France in July 1915. Lieutenant William Gordon Blackwell from the 8th battalion, Royal Fusiliers, who was the younger of the two brothers, was killed in action during the Battle of the Somme on 5 October 1916.

Since the end of World War II the village has expanded considerably with housing estates during the 1940s and an extensive council estate to the east of Croft Lane in the 1960s. However, since the 1980s the rate of new building has diminished quite a lot.

Chipperfield is also very well known for its famous football team, the Chipperfield Corinthians. Chipperfield reached the FA cup final in both 1978 and also again in 2005. The Corinthians are in the 2nd Tier of English football and have been since the 1988 to the 1998 season. They have reached the Premier league only once in their 150 year history, which was in the 2005 to 2006 season. They play at the Queen Street Stadium, which has a capacity of 25,000 spectators.

Bird cages, caps and cowls fitted in Chipperfield

Your chimney may require a cap or cowl for protection against the following:

  • To help prevent birds and other animals like squirrels from getting into your chimney and nesting
  • To stop rain from getting into the chimney
  • Helps to prevent down drafts in the chimney
  • If a gas fire is installed they guard against blockages that can cause carbon monoxide emissions from coming back into the room
  • Some older buildings have disused chimneys, but a dead or decaying bird can smell very unpleasant through the vents. To prevent bird, squirrels and rain entry into a disused chimney, why not have a cowl or cap fitted.

Fitting the right kind of bird cage, cowl or cap is vital to avoid problems occurring. With Ansell Chimneys years of experience, we will assess the requirements and recommend the correct type for your particular situation. We will also look at the other houses nearby to make sure we fit one that is in keeping with the Chipperfield area, after all, you wouldn't want your property to stick out like a sore thumb!

Ansell Chimneys fit several different types of cages, caps and cowls designed to prevent rain, birds, bees and other vermin from getting into the chimney. It is best to let us know what you are trying to achieve and our chimney sweeps can recommend the most suitable option for you.

Ansell Chimneys usually have sample cowls in our vans to make your choice easier. In most cases we will also be able to advise you on the price. We will then arrange to come back to Chipperfield to install the correct cap or cowl to your chimney.

We tend to fit the caps and cowls to your chimney from a ladder wherever possible. This avoids us having to use scaffolding or other specialised access equipment, as this could increase the cost of our service.

As with chimney sweeping, the price is affected by the property location, the type and number of cowls or cages required, but it will also be affected by any potential access problems, we need to see the chimney location before we can confirm prices to you. Fortunately, Chipperfield is well within the areas we cover, so this will not push the price up at all.

Birds nests, debris and blockage removal from your chimney in Chipperfield

One of the first things you will notice if a bird or squirrel has made a home in your chimney is that you will find twigs or other debris in the fireplace. Jackdaws, squirrels or starlings often nest in chimneys, and the're are certainly no shortage of them around the Chipperfield area. At the very worst, a blockage can be life threatening, particularly if you have a gas fire because of the emission of carbon monoxide fumes that can remain in youre home. Carbon Monoxide is a silent and invisible killer so please don't leave anything to chance. The chimney of an open fire may also become blocked for other reasons such as a build up of soot and debris, resulting in smoke entering the room or the blockage can even cause a chimney fire that could cause untold damage to the rest of your Chipperfield property.

If you think there may be a blockage in your chimney, please let us know, or call us to discuss the problem. We can remove most blockages and can establish what has happened and how to prevent it happening again in the future.

Because birds eggs and nests are protected by law and that there may be newly hatched baby birds in a nest, we will not remove nests during the breeding season, which is May through to June, this ensures that the young have had a good chance to leave the nest. After all, there are not only fewer birds around Chipperfield, but there has been a national decline in their numbers owing to a decline of their habitat, light pollution and the increase in the number of cats that are kept as pets. Ansell Chimneys like to ensure that they don't contribute to the decline of our little feathered friends.

Ansell Chimneys offer free advice on the best Bird Guards and Cowls for your home in Chipperfield

Ansell Chimneys really are the experts when it comes to Bird Guards and Cowls. If you are having any problems caused by birds, leaves or water ingress to your chimney, give Ansell Chimneys a call; we are always very happy to give you sound and solid advice.

Ansell Chimneys advice is always free! We want you to use your fireplace, so that you can then use us to clean your chimney or fit Bird Guards and Cowls. But the most important thing is that we want you to enjoy your fire safely with no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The cost of fitting Bird Guards and Cowls in the Chipperfield area

Our prices are based on the property location and number of chimneys that need Bird Guards and Cowls fitting. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote. As Chipperfield is not far from our head office, work carried out here will not attract a higher quote.

Smoke tests and soundness testing on your chimney in Chipperfield

A very simple smoke test can be carried out after the chimney has been swept or fitted with a cowl or bird guard if proof is required that a flue is working correctly. Any charges will be advised before this work is carried out so you may keep on top of your finances and not have any unexpected charges.

On occasions, for example when a chimney has not been used for some time, or in advance of fitting a gas fire or wood burning stove, a soundness test may be required. This test involves blocking the chimney at the top and introducing smoke to the flue. This is then monitored throughout the house to identify any problems. We are able to conduct this test to British Standard Building Regulations for all flue and appliance types.

So if you live in Chipperfield and need your chimney swept, bird caps or cowls or just require some sound advice, why not call or email Ansell Chimneys and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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