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Chimney cowls and bird guards in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

A little about Borehamwood in Hertfordshire

On of the earliest mentions of Bosci de Boreham, which meand 'Wood of Boreham', is in 1188. In this year, Pope Clement granted to the kitchen of the monastery the whole land of Elstree. He also gave to the Abbey, the wood of Boreham for the feeding of the local pigs.

In 1776, the House of Lords granted an Act for dividing and closing the Common or Waste Ground, which was called Boreham Wood Common at the time.

Up until 1909, Borehamwood was part of the ancient parish of Elstree; the two still share a local council which is referred to as Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council.

From the 1920s onwards, the town became known as one of the main centres of the United Kingdom film, and later television industries owing to the presence of their extensive production studios. Borehamwood still has a thriving television and film connection with many dramas, films and soap operas being filmed on location and in the towns studios.

Following World War II, the Borehamwood population increased considerably, with large areas of council housing set up for Blitzed out Londoners, many of which are now under private ownership. Fast train connections to central London have resulted in the town becoming first and foremost, a residential suburb.

Borehamwood is currently undergoing a substantial housing transformation which has seen hundreds of new homes built over the last few years. There are currently two further developments being built and more are expected to follow in the Borehamwood area soon.

As well as the world famous film and television studios, the town is also home to a considerable number of retail shops, offices and light industry.

Bird cages, caps and cowls fitted in Borehamwood

Should your chimney require a cap or cowl, Ansell Chimneys will have the one to suit your property to protect against the following:

  • Birds or squirrels getting into and possibly nesting in the chimney
  • Our caps and cowls prevent rain from getting into the chimney
  • A good quality cowl or cap stops down drafts

With Ansell Chimneys valuable experience, we can identify your particular needs and advise you on the correct type for your situation. We will also look at the other houses nearby to ensure we fit one that is in keeping with the Borehamwood area.

Ansell Chimneys fit all the major types of cages, caps and cowls, so drop us a line and we can tell you what would be the best option for you.

Ansell Chimneys have a selection of bird guards and cowls to show you. This will help you to decide what one to go for. Once you are happy with the type of cowl, cap or bird guard, we will arrange to come back to Borehamwood to install the correct cap or cowl to your chimney.

Fortunately, Borehamwood is well within our 'areas covered' range so this will not push the price up at all for either chimney sweeping or bird caps and cowl fitting.

Smoke tests in Borehamwood

After Ansell Chimneys have swept your chimney, we carry out a quick, simple but effective test to ensure there is the correct draw and no smoke or other pollutants can flow back into your living space. This is quite simply a match-like device that smokes profusely when burnt and is placed just above the site of the fire. If the smoke is neatly drawn up the chimney, the fire will be safe to use.

So if you live in Borehamwood and need your chimney swept, why not call or email Ansell Chimneys and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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